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    Complete Asset Management Services (CAMS) provides electrical, plumbing, carpentry and other maintenance services to diverse Western Australian projects.

    Via one convenient point of contact, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the complete package. CAMS allows for seamless maintenance to operations anywhere, at any time, via impeccable efficiency utilising the highest quality assets and infrastructure.

    Whether you need urgent or proactive maintenance to a construction or mining site; over shut-down periods; at a large event; or a cattle station, we are happy to meet your requirements with one or many of our talented trades people.

    Coupled with the Complete portfolio of quality products including Complete Portables, Complete Site Services and Complete Haulage, CAMS completes our 360 approach to operations– the Complete package.

    With the ability to integrate focused maintenance services to Complete solutions and independent client projects, CAMS makes your life easier.


    Our fields of expertise include yet are not limited to:

    • Plumbing
    • Carpentry
    • Electrical
    • Painting
    • Refrigeration and air-conditioning
    • Grounds-keeping
    • Miscellaneous handy-work, including shade sails


    Providing professional service to commercial, industrial, resources, manufacturing and other projects, Complete Asset Management Services include:

    • Supply of labour
    • Installation of accessories e.g. air conditioners and plumbing
    • Hire of accessories


    • We are not simply servicing your assets, we pride ourselves on improving and building systems to increase your productivity, and decrease ongoing operational costs
    • Designed to minimise your footprint on the environment, we guarantee to provide bespoke outcomes that are as eco-friendly as possible


    Spearheaded by 14 years in human resources experience within the asset management and mining industries, we invest in the experience, knowledge and qualifications of the Complete team, so that our staff are consistently delivering efficientand effective solutions.

    Thanks to the Complete Safeman program, Complete staff strive to minimise risk and excel at their work in any environment.

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