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    Luxury Portable Toilets

    When it involves designing a status out of doors event or special day check that all of your guests are unit treated like VIP’s with luxury bathroom rent and toilet facilities.

    Luxury Portable Toilet rent specialists, we are providing portables bathroom and toilet amenities and their premium Signature vary has been the amount one selection for several celebrity events, status parties, music festivals and very important person sporting events.

    For the most effective in luxury bathroom rent explore the total vary from portable bathroom and shower trailers as well as trio, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, Showers, Disabled bathroom Units and for the final word in luxury bathrooms see the Alvac Vacuum System vary which provides the design of a permanent luxury toilet. Modules will be severally tailored to suit nearly any demand and variety of guests and area unit out there in many finishes to suit the general theme of your event.

    We work with you to set up the event and match the toilet facilities to the event, the design with the practicality. Custom-made to your needs you’ll be able to trust us to deliver the most effective in toilet facilities and repair

    What makes our luxury bathroom rent different?

    To start – we’ve the most effective luxury bathrooms that you just will hire. Nothing compares to the small print that we tend to increase our luxury units. There’s no doubt why we tend to are unit the corporate of selection for our high-profile purchasers.

    Our events staffs have such a deep level of experience arrangement luxury portable bathrooms for events; they’re going to spot potential problems before the event. Saving you from redundant stress and anxiety.

    Our luxury bathroom rent costs are unit competitive with our competition. We tend to don’t charge you a lot of for our exceptional service.


    Made from composite chemical compound moulded panels of 40mm thickness

    Modular flat panel style

    Strong, sturdy and designed for prime performance

    Options for Indian WC / Western WC / lavatory / Urinals / ever-changing rooms

    Plug-And-Fit sort style

    Easy to elevate & Shift

    All weather resistant and maintenance free

    Luxury transportable rest room vary

    Provision of fan, louvres, water jet, flush tank, tap etc.

    Provision of stainless-steel 304 washbasins

    Provision of ceramic tiles for flooring creating it straightforward to wash

    Boroplast is that the knowledgeable in coming up with high-quality portable toilet. We have a tendency to be one in all the honorable for portable luxury Toilet Manufacturer & provider in India creating sturdy merchandise for many years. We have a tendency to develop luxury portable Toilet in each size and structure supported clients’ needs.

    We have the goal to style the correct product for each client when viewing their demands. Except that, we have a tendency to additionally give merchandise at reasonable rates. Our merchandise don’t break, injury or fall because of force, pressure, or environmental hazards. We use trendy instrumentality and tools to style each luxury portable toilet. Our good technology helps in creating distinctive product for various industries and firms. It additionally quickens the producing method.

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